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La bonne étoile de vos données

We guide you to setting-up a constellation of IT solutions that fit your business and your data

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Effective and Reliable Solutions

That fit your working environment

GoAnywhere MFT – Managed File Transfer

Secure, Affordable & Scalable

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GoAnywhere MFTaaS by HelpSytems

Your MFT solution managed by HelpSystems into the Cloud

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GoAnywhere MFT - File Sharing and Collaboration

Easily share files with colleagues, customers, and business partners

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Protects against loss of sensitive data, malware and ransomware

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Lepide Auditor

The simplest, most cost-effective way to monitor and audit changes made across your IT environment

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Netwrix SbPAM

SbPAM secures administrator access management

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Assure Security

The Comprehensive Auditing and Network Security Solution for IBM i

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Powertech Encryption

Encryption and Key Management Software for IBM i

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Kleverware IAG

Access and rights control

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Netwrix Data Discovery and Classification

Determine the importance of your strategic data

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Netwrix Auditor

Netwrix Auditor, to keep control of your infrastructure security

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Over 10.000 companies using our solutions

ESBD, your supplier of cybersecurity software

By logging on the platform, I can see at a glance if all processes are running normally or if a problem requires intervention.

Sébastien JALADE, Head of IT Middleware Pole chez INGENICO

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The product answers very well to our needs ! We really like its flexibility and the softness of the ESBD's team.

Laurent STEPHANONI, Responsable de service socle échanges chez ENGIE

Read the testimony

We are going a very far way in using all the possibilities offered by the product. For instance, we used collaborative option like Secure Mail.

Michel Tiris, Head of Enterprise Systems of POST Luxembourg

Read the testimony

The many reporting present in the solution provide us valuable infomation and generate a considerable time saving.

Sylvain ZIEGELMEYER, Responsable des Systèmes Informatiques chez CASINO 2OOO

Read the testimony

We immediately found an interest for the ESBD's technology.

Julien Muller, Head of IT chez Brink’s Luxembourg

Read the testimony

GoAnywhere offer the possibility to automate some process for more fluidity and assure the efficacity to our exchange.

Pascal Mayet, Responsable d’exploitation informatique chez ASTERA

Read the testimony

The solution is very functional and also proved to have the best price/performance value.

Marc ENGELSTEIN, Architecte Cybersécurité chez General Electric Digital

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