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Specialized in Security Software distribution, ESBD has been able, over the years, to build a coherent basket full of strong and efficient solutions.

Because ESBD’s success is directly linked to their clients’ satisfaction, we invested massively to master the solutions we selected. Thanks to this know-how we can provide our clients with the best support at all stages of their projects: selection of the appropriated software, Proof of Concept, Implementation, Go Live, maintenance, etc.

Better than just being a software reseller, we build with our clients a strong and lasting partnership that guarantee the delivery of a global solution fitting with their actual needs.


Software sales
Ludovic LemoineCTO


Specializing in the distribution of security software in the financial sector, ESBD are eager to offer their customers a coherent panel of stable and effective solutions.

ESBD is lucky to have a loyal and faithful customer base.
This advantage is owing to the relations maintained by the ESBD founders with their customers for over 10 years now, making every effort to satisfy their needs and bring the best-adapted solution.

Aware of the importance of such strong customer relationships, ESBD is pushing hard to continue and develop this way of working.

ESBD is constantly monitoring the state of the art in regulatory constraints (Bâle 3, PCI DSS, HIPAA, LSF...) and advances in the market for security products. This unceasing curiosity enables ESBD to propose its customers a set of complementary solutions that constitute a logical and high-quality offering.
Jacques BesnardCEO

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