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The Company

Member of BBES Group

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BlueFinch-ESBD, the company specialized in distribution of security solutions

Our activity is based on the distribution of software dedicated to data security, audit, managed file transfer, process automation, consulting, integration and support of software.

Skills & Values

Founded in 2011, BlueFinch-ESBD has made a name for itself in the IT world thanks to its expertise in the field of data and information systems security.

BlueFinch-ESBD is :

  • More than 20 years of know-how that is growing every day,
  • A team that is passionate and enthusiastic about taking on new challenges,
  • Consulting, distribution and integration of computer software,
  • A solid network of partners and distributors.

It is thanks to the quality of the relationships we maintain with our customers that we receive their trust and recognition in return.


Since 2020, BlueFinch-ESBD is part of BBES Group, a group of 3 companies specialised in the integration of solutions related to data security.

BBES Group, headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, will provide an international presence and multilingual support.

With a wealth of experience across Europe, this new combination of values and know-how will enable us to better support our customers in the implementation of solutions adapted to their needs while maintaining a relationship of trust.

BluFinch-ESBD member of BBES Group

🚀 BlueFinch-ESBD is sensitive to the quality of the services delivered

From the first commercial contact to the accompaniment by our technical support, each exchange is an opportunity for us to provide clear, fast and precise answers to deliver a high level of service to our customers:

  • Distribution
  • Integration
  • Consulting
  • Migration
  • Training
  • Support


Discover the BlueFinch-ESBD France team

You can also find us on LinkedIn 😊

Jacques Besnard





Stéphanie Deville Gaillard

Stéphanie GAILLARD

Sales Executive

Camille Lacuve

Camille LACUVE

Technical Manager

Eloïse Gruber


Marketing & Communication Officer

Julien Bertrand


Technical Support


Sales Executive


Technical Support

Rodolphe MASSET

Sales Executive

Corentin JOBARD

Technical Support


A trusting relationship

A panel of solutions used by a dozen of thousands of company in the world. ESBD, it’s a variety of clients spread to the four corners of the world : France, Switzerland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Belgium 

Our customers work in a variety of sector : bank, insurance, industry, transport and logistic, retail, administration, NGO, state, etc.

What about you ?

Vendors partners

Specialized in security, control and management of data exchanges

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