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AS2, AS3, AS4 : What are the differences ?

par HelpSystems • 27 Apr 2020

If you think these three protocols are simply sequential updates from the 1990s’ AS1 protocol you’d be mistaken. Each protocol brings its own distinct features to the data transmission table. Here’s a few key differences between them.

The specificities of AS2

AS2 (Applicability Statement 2) is a protocol specification used to transmit sensitive data securely and reliably over the internet. AS2 supports the encryption of messages between trading partners and vendors via HTTPS. Data is protected with digital certificates and encryption standards while in transit across systems, networks, and locations.

Organizations often choose AS2 over other file transfer protocols (like FTP or SFTP) because of how easily the protocol helps them meet regulatory compliance requirements and trading partner needs. AS2 serves as a standard used to transfer EDI or other data. Advantages include :

What about AS3 features ?

With the AS3 specification, applications communicate EDI data or other information using the FTP protocol. It’s not, however, just the latest and greatest edition of AS2. Rather, AS3 provides a layer of security for data transmission through digital signatures and data encryption.

This specification offers flexibility, security and non-repudiation receipt (NPR), which gives the sender legal proof of unaltered delivery and verification that the message received is identical to what was sent. Other benefits include:


AS4 characteristics

AS4, the latest option superseding AS2, is an open business-to-business (B2B) standard for securing and exchanging documents between businesses using web services.

AS4 is frequently used for EDI integration projects. Other advantages include:


Managed File Transfer Supports AS4, AS3 and AS2 File Exchanges

GoAnywhere MFT is a secure managed file transfer solution that simplifies, streamlines, audits, and automates file transfers across a variety of environments. It provides support for exchanging files via AS4 as well as AS3 and AS2. Using MFT with AS4/3/2 consolidates the whole transfer process and allows for single pane of glass administration as well as auditing capabilities.

The recently released GoAnywhere 6.3 allows for customization of EDI documents. Users exchanging files with AS2 or AS4 will find this advantageous as many organizations use EDI for their internal integrations.


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