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BBES Malaga Convention

par BBES GROUP • 19 Jul 2022

And, at last, we did it!

Last June, from Thursday 9 to Saturday 11, all BBES Group members came together in Malaga, Spain for their first convention since the group’s foundation. It was a long-longed event to celebrate the international group, after two years of pandemic and lockdown.

Preparation took three months: every single detail had to be taken into account to make this experience nice and enjoyable for all.

After carefully selection, Malaga was the chosen destination. The city offers nice weather, wonderful locations, attractions like a cozy historical center, museums and good food and drinks.

Moreover, Spain was an “abroad experience” for all companies, since BBES does not have a Spanish partner. Not yet, at least!


BBES group stayed at Parador Golf Hotel, a breath-taking resort at the seaside. The hotel offered many facilities for a business meeting, such as fully equipped meeting rooms, business lunch service, pool and garden.

More than 30 people got together on Thursday and suddenly everybody started mixing and mingling. Overcoming the language difficulties (4 different languages, for 4 different countries) thanks to English, people from Sales, Marketing and Technical Assistance got to know each other and started talking about being together. Let’s add one or two beers and a quick dip in the pool to this scenario and you can figure out the lively chit-chat, gossip and laughing.


Friday was the hard-working day. We indulge just a little in self-gratification, wearing the BBES special edition polo, a gift to all participants from our CEOs.  We started at 9 with the plenary session, with a presentation from the 4 top managers. They explained to everybody what they foresee for our group, how we intend to do data security in Europe and how BBES group will grow in the next few years.

We almost had a dancing lesson with Arnaud Pereira, teaching us how to combine efficiently the efforts of Sales, Marketing and Technology department.

After a savoury break, with gazpacho, queso Manchego and other delicacies, we got back to work, now in smaller groups. The focus was on the different company functions: our presentations offered insights about marketing old and new techniques, how to upgrade tech information, what can we do to make BBES even a better place to work at.

We then met again in the plenary session room, to thank everybody and finish the works.


Friday Night

Friday evening was time for fun, so we got into our swimsuits and head to the seaside or the pool. It was a good moment for taking pictures, so to have a nice souvenir of the day. Here you can see the whole group.

We then headed towards Torremolinos, the Spanish riviera for night clubbing and entertainment.

We had dinner and there was space for some fun, as well.



On Saturday morning, the group attended some outdoor activity. We played team building games under the direction of Claudia, our “coach leader”.

Teams were mixed: both men and women, young and old, physically fitter, and less fit. We had volleyball, tangram and a giant spider web to cross. In the end, the winning team was awarded with a big “cava” bottle. Some of it was drunk, some of it was sprayed on the team’s members, so in the end not a single drop was wastes.

The End

What did we take home?

The work we did in the various sessions helped us to focus on our priorities, but it also served as a stimulus to do better, to set clear objectives. It also revealed that we all like a good challenge, and this is a very good news for a growing company.

Our good resolutions are mainly these two: to share experience even more than we already do, and to make this convention an annual appointment!

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