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ESBD / La bonne étoile de vos données, sécurité informatique – EN

ESBD Top Growth partner 2020 : Secure, added value file transfer

New interview between Jacques BESNARD, CEO at ESBD and Paolo Cappello, Managing Director at HelpSystems, about the MFT market.

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What should I consider when purchasing encryption software?

Chaque entreprise doit protéger les données qu'elle collecte, stocke et partage avec ses clients, partenaires et collègues. Beaucoup choisissent un logiciel de chiffrement de fichiers qui est l'un des moyens les plus simples de protéger vos données au repos et en mouvement....

Differences between 2 transfer protocol

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) are both application layer protocols that can allow you to transfer files between two systems, but what’s the difference between them – and which one performs better? Or, is there a better solution that outperforms both? Read on to find out!

Seven Benefits of Using MFT for Encrypted File Transfers

Are SFTP and FTP the Same?

5 Myths About Encryption on IBM i

How to Meet the Newest Encryption Requirements on IBM i

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