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How Amazon Web Services Works with GoAnywhere MFT

par GoAnywhere MFT • 16 Dec 2020

Amazon has quickly become ubiquitous for online shopping, streaming popular media, and even web hosting. Many IT teams have turned to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in search of storage, content delivery, or some other functionality. AWS encompasses a huge variety of offerings including on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs for individuals and organizations.

So, how do AWS and MFT fit together? Pairing GoAnywhere MFT with AWS enables you to seamlessly integrate and exchange data in the cloud. Whether your organization is planning on moving entirely to the cloud, using a hybrid solution, or simply looking to further secure your cloud file transfers, read on to learn about how these powerful solutions can work together to advance your file transfer goals.

Connect Your File Transfers with Cloud Connectors

Cloud Connectors in GoAnywhere are tools that give you the ability to integrate GoAnywhere MFT with the web and cloud applications you use every day. GoAnywhere’s Cloud Connectors built for Amazon include:

Each of these integrations help you link up the projects and workflows you build in GoAnywhere to AWS for smarter, faster, and more secure file transfers. Aside from all the Amazon Cloud Connectors, GoAnywhere connects with dozens of other apps, including Atlassian, Box, Salesforce, and more.

Benefits of Using Cloud Services

Cloud computing and cloud services can assist in several key areas. Many organizations use cloud computing for at least one of the following reasons:

Security: Protecting your systems and data is challenging, and many cloud services include better security and encryption from the get-go. However, an essential task when moving to the cloud is ensuring that data is encrypted during storage and transit, which software like MFT can help with.

Cost: Using a cloud service reduces or eliminates the cost of purchasing, setting up, and maintaining hardware and software within on-site data centers. This saves your IT experts time managing the infrastructure and saves you physical space and electricity costs. Plus, you typically only pay for the cloud services you use, which helps keep your costs down.

Flexibility & Scalability: Because you don’t have to manage physical hardware on-site, your server usage can compact and expand as needed, without undertaking costly and complex changes to your infrastructure.

Mobility & Agility: Expand to new regions of the world quickly with cloud services – no plane ticket required. Adding servers closer to your customers and trading partners can improve user experience across the board. Plus, you and your team can enjoy the benefits of working from home or the office without being tied to a server center.

Loss Prevention & Disaster Recovery: Cloud computing tends towards more frequent backups and less downtime, reducing your risk when it comes to both data loss and disaster recovery. The cloud can circumvent disasters more easily, whether it’s weather, power outages, or even hardware or software malfunctions. Keep your productivity, reputation, and revenue up with better data recovery and loss prevention.

Keep in mind that, when using the cloud without a secure file transfer solution in place, your valuable data could be at risk – that’s where MFT comes in. GoAnywhere is not only cloud-friendly, it also eases security concerns and delivers more control and flexibility over your file transfers, tracking, and user access.


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