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Lepide New Release

par Lepide • 10 Jul 2019

Lepide Releases Active Directory Account Lockout Examiner Freeware and Three Other Free Tools to Help Improve Data Security

Today, Lepide announced the release of four brand new free tools designed to provide visibility over critical security states and changes that could affect data security.

The free tools in this release include:

1. Active Directory Account Lockout Examiner – Easily identify when an account has been lockout out and examine which machine the account lockout originated from. Remote management functionality allows you to unlock the accounts or reset the password to help administer and maintain the status of user and service accounts in AD.

2. Open Shares and Stale Data – See an overview of how much data in your environment is deemed as “stale” and understand how many open shares there are on each file server in order to highlight fundamental security loopholes that are potentially leaving sensitive data exposed.

3. AD Users with Admin Privileges – Get a list of all the of your Active Directory users that have administrative privileges being directly or indirectly applied. These users have the keys to your kingdom, so they should be monitored closely.

4. AD User Account Status – Quickly scan your Active Directory to determine how many enabled/disabled users and locked accounts to help you maintain security and meet various compliance requirements.

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