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Scripting Languages You Can Automate: Python, PowerShell, and more

par HelpSystems • 13 Aug 2019

Scripting languages are really helpful when you know how to use them. But scripting alone can only take you so far. By automating scripting languages like Python, PowerShell, and others, you can remove a level of complexity and boost what scripting can do.

PowerShell Automation Scripts

If you work with Windows, you know how valuable PowerShell is. PowerShell is a command line shell and scripting language that allows administrators to automate tasks on local and remote Windows systems. It is versatile and powerful, but if PowerShell is your method of automating tasks, you’re limited in only being able to automate as much as the people with scripting expertise can handle. It’ll be hard to expand automation at your company without a lot of PowerShell scripters. Or if your PowerShell expert leaves, you’ll have to find a new scripter or dedicate time for an existing team member to learn.

Python Automation

Python is a programming language that is often used in web development, desktop GUIs, software development, and ERP and other business systems. There are a wide range of uses for the language, but Python is also used to automate tasks within these fields.  The problem with relying on Python for your automation needs is that Python automation requires a Python expert, just as PowerShell automation requires a PowerShell expert. And when something breaks or a new automation project is needed, you’ll need a programmer to take over.

How can I take my Python and PowerShell Scripts to the next level?

The best option to keep your existing PowerShell and Python scripts but also keep moving forward with automation in your IT environment is to use robotic process automation. RPA software bots can run your existing PowerShell automation scripts or Python automation and integrate them in enterprise-wide workflows (even unattended!). And the right RPA software will be easy-to-use, meaning that future team members won’t have to learn an entirely new scripting language in order to put automation in place.


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