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What are SFTP server?

par HelpSystems • 15 Oct 2019

A typical file transfer server helps transfer files server-to-server or client-to-server, and SFTP servers are a more protected version: they encrypt data to keep sensitive information secure while moving files, and some have the added bonus of encrypting files at rest. SFTP servers use a single data channel in which login credentials as well as files are encrypted – because both authentication and files are encrypted, your connection is secure.

By using SSH to establish secure connections via user ID and password or pre-set key authentication, or a combination of both, SFTP servers can safely support a variety of actions to move and manage files.

What is SFTP?

Backing up, Secure Shell (SSH) File Transfer Protocol, better known as SFTP, is one of the most reliable ways to send and access files online. Unlike other file transfer methods that let users access information with only their user ID and password, SFTP gives administrators the option to set up SSH keys unique to each user as well. This additional layer of protection makes for a more secure process that can save you time and dollars down the road. SFTP as a tool is helpful in moving files between servers.

Why Use SFTP Servers?

Secure servers keep your information protected in transit and, depending on your SFTP server configuration, at rest, minimizing your risk of a data breach. SFTP servers help you protect the confidentiality and integrity of your data by:

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