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What is secure file sharing?

par HelpSystems • 21 Jan 2020

Secure is the operative word here. Dozens of applications allow you to transfer files – small to large – between different users or organizations. A secure file transfer solution, at its most basic, secures the movement of files while at rest and in transit confidentially – all within a protected mode.

Secure file transfer ensures the integrity of the electronic files and file movement even if:

While there are lots of file sharing options out there – some free, some low-cost – not all are secure or can meet today’s operational needs for security, compliance, and efficiency. A protected file sharing mode helps protect data from intruders or unauthorized users through encryption (before sharing, when being transmitted or both).

Secure file transfer solutions usually encrypt information at all stages and create an audit trail of activity surrounding the transfer to provide the necessary documentation needed for compliance requirements like PCI DSS, the GDPR, SOX, HIPAA, NIST and others.

MFT Leads the Class in Securing File Transfers

Instead of relying on homemade scripts, manual processes, or even Joe in IT – who might just be on vacation during a scheduled critical batch file transfer – businesses increasingly are turning to robust platforms, such as Managed File Transfer (MFT) for a secure file transfer solution with added capabilities.MFT Earns Extra Credit for File Transfer Ease and Security

Any FTP application can send files, but MFT sends them securely, efficiently, and streamlines the entire process with added benefits such as:

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