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Why should you be interested by RPA?

par Eloïse • 20 Sep 2018

Many companies are increasingly using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to run their business processes faster, more efficiently and more productively.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), is a technology that enables the automation of business processes. This notion of process robotization is often mentioned when we talk about AI (artificial intelligence). RPA is very advantageous for many areas of activity such as finance, accounting and human resources.

According to a study by ISG and RPA Automation Anywhere:

“By 2020, 92% of European companies will have deployed RPA technologies to streamline their business processes.

The companies surveyed reported a 9% increase in RPA budgets over the past year. »


Companies are now adopting RPA for a variety of reasons:



The RPA therefore addresses many of the disadvantages of manual execution. However, she cannot yet read a text, communicate with a person, interpret a contract, or make a complex decision. This is why the human being is indispensable and cannot be totally replaced, even if research centres are beginning to think about strengthening the cognitive capacities of RPA.

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