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BBES Group: birth of a European data protection giant

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BBES Group

Press release

Annecy, France, October 12, 2020 – The companies BlueFinch, BlackBridge, ESBD and Systematik, specialised in data security, announce the creation of the BBES Group.

Photos des fondateurs de BBES Group

BBES Group: birth of a European data protection giant

Since last June, Europe has a new data protection giant: the BBES group, an alliance between ESBD (France), Blackbridge (Italy), BlueFinch (Netherlands) and Systematik (Germany).

MFT and DLP a powerful combination for data security

Some software solutions work great alone. Some work even better together. Combining managed file transfer (MFT) with adaptive data loss protection (A-DLP) is one such pairing that creates an optimal solution to ensure that the transfer of critical data is secure end-to-end.

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Are SSH Keys or Passwords Better for SFTP Authentication?

SSH keys vs Passwords : which's better ?

SFTP, or MFT: that is the question.

It brings up an interesting choice. By nature, SFTP and MFT solutions both work to protect data in transit. They both authenticate trading partner connections with a combination of user IDs, passwords, or keys, and they both help satisfy strict requirements for data security laws like PCI DSS, HIPAA, and the GDPR. So what’s the difference? Is one better than the other for your organization?

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