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ESBD / La bonne étoile de vos données, sécurité informatique – EN

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Differences between EDIFACT & EDI X12

What is EDIFACT & EDI X12? Discover the differences and usage.

GoAnywhere MFT Release Notes Winter 2020

GoAnywhere MFT Release Notes

NETWRIX : Data Risk and security report

New cybersecurity report 2020 by Netwrix

What is secure file sharing?

A secure file transfer solution, at its most basic, secures the movement of files while at rest and in transit confidentially...


ESBD was at l'ITIforums organized by le CRIP the January 15th 2020 in Paris.

15 Data Security Predictions for 2020

It is time for us to speculate about what 2020 will bring, to help us stay ahead of the curve and keep our critical systems out of harm’s way.

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