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DMZ and data security

What is the DMZ and how its works ?

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DMZ and data security

DMZ, your secret weapon for data security

GoAnywhere PeSIT Server

GoAnywhere MFT customers can now use our PeSIT server to meet standards and accept communications from the banking industry all throughout Europe.

ESBD & HelpSystems Announce Clearswift Acquisition

Extending the development of an already very close partnership, HelpSystems and ESBD, a company specializing in data security, have announced that they have strengthened the ESBD catalog by integrating the Clearswift DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solution.

AS2, AS3, AS4 : What are the differences ?

If you think these three protocols are simply sequential updates from the 1990s’ AS1 protocol you’d be mistaken. Each protocol brings its own distinct features to the data transmission table. Here’s a few key differences between them.

Differences between 2 transfer protocol

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) are both application layer protocols that can allow you to transfer files between two systems, but what’s the difference between them – and which one performs better? Or, is there a better solution that outperforms both? Read on to find out!

Differences between EDIFACT & EDI X12

What is EDIFACT & EDI X12? Discover the differences and usage.

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