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Cilasoft Suite IBMi

The Comprehensive Auditing and Network Security Solution for IBM i

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The Cilasoft audit and security suite for IBM i

The Cilasoft Audit and Security Suite edited by Syncsort is a robust software suite designed to help companies meet the growing audit and security requirements of IBM i environments. These solutions, QJRN/400, CONTROLER, DVM and EAM, each cover a specific area of IBM i audit and security globally. Each product complements the others when installed as a suite, creating a powerful and integrated solution.

Key features

  • Significantly reduce the time and associated costs required to achieve regulatory compliance
  • Quickly detect and efficiently address security incidents
  • Cilasoft Compliance and Security Suite will satisfy the requirements of security auditors
  • Reduce IBM i security exposures by controlling access to the system and sensitive data, limiting powerful profiles and auditing system activities

Data consolidation and distribution

Syncsort’s Cilasoft CENTRAL helps your business consolidate data from, or distribute data to, multiple systems and multiple locations. CENTRAL consolidates all or part of any database files that reside on multiple sites into a single file on a central machine. And since CENTRAL is bi-directional, it can also deploy any database file from a central site to multiple remote sites. In addition, CENTRAL can be used to run commands simultaneously at multiple sites from a central site.

CENTRAL is available in two versions. The first is a runtime version that is designed to consolidate Cilasoft-related log files, deploy rules across multiple machines or run remote commands across multiple machines. The second is an open version that can be used without any limitation across any databases, whether related to Cilasoft products or not.

QJRN/400, auditing and compliance

Syncsort’s Cilasoft QJRN/400 consists of two modules designed to save you time and money on regulatory compliance and detect fraudulent activity on all system and database activities. Using powerful queries and extensive filtering, QJRN/400 produces concise, easy-to-read reports from IBM i journals – without requiring application modifications.

System Audit monitors your system to report on changes to system objects, such as system values, user profiles, and authorization lists, as well as access attempts, powerful user activity, command line activity, access to sensitive data, and more. Database Audit produces reports and alerts for any activity on databases on the IBM i. Both modules create alerts, interface with leading SIEM consoles, and generate customizable reports in multiple formats.

In addition, System Examiner allows you to create reports on system information, such as showing which users have authority to specific objects. Sample queries can be tailored to produce reports that meet your needs.

CONTROL, global access control

Syncsort’s Cilasoft CONTROLER adds additional security to your IBM i OS security system. Cilasoft CONTROLER secures your data with powerful and flexible data-centric rules that are easy to maintain. Based mostly on exit points, CONTROLER lets you fully control access via network protocols, system or user commands, SQL statements, CQE usage, jobs, file opens, sockets and more.

CONTROLER has two modules: Access Protocol Control and Command Control. Access Protocol Control blocks access-related activities such as authentication processes, open session requests, remote commands, file access, and SQL statements based on rules and selection criteria. Command Control is used to block specific commands, block copy/save activities outside normal procedures, restrict the activity of powerful profiles and more. CONTROLER integrates with leading SIEM consoles and produces reports in multiple formats.

RAMi, multi-factor authentication

Syncsort’s Cilasoft Reinforced Authentication Manager, or RAMi, can be integrated into the IBM i 5250 signon screen or invoked on demand to provide multi-factor authentication. If integrated into the signon screen, you can choose between single-step authentication that requires both the user’s password and a token for authentication, or two-step authentication that presents a token screen after the IBM i signon. A powerful rules engine enables multi-factor authentication to be invoked only for users or situations that require it. Multiple authentication methods are supported, including a Cilasoft method, RADIUS-based authenticators, and certified compliance with RSA RADIUS servers or cloud services.

RAMi’s on-demand authentication capabilities can be used to grant users the ability to re-enable their profiles or change their passwords. RAMi also supports the “four eyes principle” for sensitive operations or data changes by delivering a single-use token to an administrator that observes the change.

EAM, the elevation of rights

Syncsort’s Cilasoft EAM (Elevated Authority Manager) reduces the number of powerful IBM i profiles by giving management the ability to elevate the authority of user profiles on an as-needed basis. Elevated authority can be set to a specific command, day, time, IP address or similar parameters, giving managers complete control of user activity.

With EAM, all activity from a temporarily elevated profile can also be logged so a complete audit trail is produced, including job log, screen capture, exit points, and system and database journals. EAM can optionally be integrated into your helpdesk ticket management system, interfaces with leading SIEM consoles, generates alerts, and produces reports in multiple formats. Overall, EAM satisfies the needs of both auditors and security officers by reducing the number of powerful profiles on your IBM i system.

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