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Assure Security

The Comprehensive Auditing and Network Security Solution for IBM i

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Auditing and security suite for IBM i

Enabling your organization to comply with cybersecurity regulations and strengthen IBM i security by controlling access to systems and data, enforcing data privacy, monitoring for compliance, and assessing risks

Key features

  • Significantly reduce the time and associated costs required to achieve regulatory compliance
  • Quickly detect and efficiently address security incidents
  • Precisely Compliance and Security Suite will satisfy the requirements of security auditors
  • Reduce IBM i security exposures by controlling access to the system and sensitive data, limiting powerful profiles and auditing system activities

Assure Security by Precisely

Assure Security by Precisely helps your business consolidate data from, or distribute data to, multiple systems and multiple locations. Assure Security consolidates all or part of any database files that reside on multiple sites into a single file on a central machine. And since Assure Security is bi-directional, it can also deploy any database file from a central site to multiple remote sites. In addition, Assure Security can be used to run commands simultaneously at multiple sites from a central site.

ESBD provides 2 bundle of the Assure Security suite :

  • Assure Compliance Monitoring which provide 2 modules (Assure Monitoring and Reporting and Assure Db2 Data Monitoring).
  • Assure Access Control which provide 3 modules (Assure Multi-factor Authentication, Assure Elevated Authority Management and Assure System Access Manager).

Assure Multi-factor Authentication,

Assure Multi-factor Authentication, can be integrated into the IBM i 5250 sign on screen or invoked on demand to provide multi-factor authentication. If integrated into the sign on screen, you can choose between single-step authentication that requires both the user’s password and a token for authentication, or two-step authentication that presents a token screen after the IBM i sign on. A powerful rules engine enables multi-factor authentication to be invoked only for users or situations that require it. Multiple authentication methods are supported, RADIUS-based authenticators, and certified compliance with RSA RADIUS servers or cloud services.

Assure Multi-factor Authentication’s on-demand authentication capabilities can be used to grant users the ability to re-enable their profiles or change their passwords. Assure Multi-factor Authentication also supports the “four eyes principle” for sensitive operations or data changes by delivering a single-use token to an administrator that observes the change.

Assure Elevated Authority Manager

EAM (Elevated Authority Manager) reduces the number of powerful IBM i profiles by giving management the ability to elevate the authority of user profiles on an as-needed basis. Elevated authority can be set to a specific command, day, time, IP address or similar parameters, giving managers complete control of user activity.

With Elevated Authority Manager, all activity from a temporarily elevated profile can also be logged so a complete audit trail is produced, including job log, screen capture, exit points, and system and database journals.

Elevated Authority Manager can optionally be integrated into your helpdesk ticket management system, interfaces with leading SIEM consoles, generates alerts, and produces reports in multiple formats. Overall, EAM satisfies the needs of both auditors and security officers by reducing the number of powerful profiles on your IBM i system.

Assure System Access Manager

Assure System Access Manager adds additional security to your IBM i OS security system. Assure System Access Manager secures your data with powerful and flexible data-centric rules that are easy to maintain. Based mostly on exit points, Assure System Access Manager lets you fully control access via network protocols, system or user commands, SQL statements, CQE usage, jobs, file opens, sockets and more.

Assure System Access Manager blocks access-related activities such as authentication processes, open session requests, remote commands, file access, and SQL statements based on rules and selection criteria. Command Control is used to block specific commands, block copy/save activities outside normal procedures, restrict the activity of powerful profiles and more. Assure System Access Manager integrates with leading SIEM consoles and produces reports in multiple formats.

Assure Db2 Data Monitor

Assure Db2 Data Monitor, a feature of Assure Security and part of its Assure Compliance Monitoring feature bundle, is an innovative solution that gives you complete control over the visibility of confidential IBM i data. It monitors and alerts you to users who have viewed sensitive records in Db2 data bases, as well as how and when the data was viewed.

It even blocks records from view by unauthorized users.With Assure Db2 Data Monitor, you can monitor the security of your most valuable corporate data while meeting the most stringent regulatory requirements for data confidentiality.

Assure Monitoring and Reporting

Assure Monitoring and Reporting’s goal is to extract only pertinent data from journals so that administrators can focus on relevant information. Once journals are registered with Assure Monitoring and Reporting, a field repository is generated to allow journal entries to be analyzed and fields to be selected for auditing. Based on the repository, queries can be defined that will generate audit reports.

Assure Monitoring and Reporting produces clear, concise, easy-to-read reports based on system activity and database changes recorded in journals – the only source of audit information accepted by IBM i security and audit professionals. Best of all, no application modifications are required.



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