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Kleverware IAG

Access and rights control

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Review the rights of all clearances in your Information System

Kleverware is a solution which control information systems identity, rights and access to anwsers rapidly to your auditors questions. Robuste, la solution brevetée fournit rapidement des réponses à vos auditeurs.

Answers to your auditors!

Because of standards and regulations, auditors are more thoroughly checking the rights granted to internal and external employees in your organization. Provide quick answers to the question “Who has rights on what?” on your Information System with Kleverware IAG.

Dashboard and reporting

Kleverware IAG provides the appropriate dashboards to ensure an efficient tracking of all governance processes of your identities and accesses. Our reports are designed to answer your needs regarding the progress of your rights review campaigns, and provide oversight on staff movements such as onboarding of new employees, outgoing staff, and interdepartmental transfers.


Identity Lifecycle Governance

To ensure your collaborators have access that match their tasks, Kleverware IAG offers advanced features to track new employee onboarding, internal transfers, and departures. Our solution can work independently or complement your existing IAM.

Control the legitimacy of newly created identities, new tranfer and leaving.

Kleverware IAG

Kleverware IAG Analytics is an efficient tool for analysis and control, even for thousands of identities. Thanks to our patented technology, this solution doesn’t require infrastructure — a machine or VM is enough. Easy to setup, Kleverware IAG « Analytics » gives you early indicators (i.e. regarding SoD, dormant accounts, abandoned accounts…) in order to properly manage your identities and their accessibility. You can use it to map rights, establish dashboards, and verify that you are in compliance with the PSSI.

Kleverware IAG Analytics & Workflow

Kleverware IAG Analytics & Workflow simplifies the work your collaborators are tasked to do. In addition to all the advantages of the stand-alone version, you benefit from intuitive interfaces for different roles (i.e. campaign or project managers, verifiers), as well as custom solutions for collaborators in charge of your rights review. They’ll be thankful for Kleverware’s robust, flexible business solution which has been recognized by companies since 2005.

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