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ESBD / La bonne étoile de vos données, sécurité informatique – EN

ESBD Top Growth partner 2020 : Secure, added value file transfer

New interview between Jacques BESNARD, CEO at ESBD and Paolo Cappello, Managing Director at HelpSystems, about the MFT market.

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Netwrix Auditor

A visibility platform for user behavior analysis and risk mitigation

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A visibility Platform for user behavior analysis and risk mitigation

Netwrix Auditor is an auditing solution which allows to control modification, configuration and hybrides environment access to protect datas whatever their position. The platform provide security information to identify security faillure, detect suspect user behavior and study treat model in time to avoid real dammage.

Functions of Netwrix


Know which data need to be protected and what is sensibility degree


Make decisions rapidly when incident arise


Detect data security risks and anomalous user behavior before they result in a data breach.


Pass compliance audits: PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, ISO 27001, GLBA, FERPA, NERC and others.


Facilitate the recovery of essential data and pull
lessons from past incidents.


Detect quickly threats to data security

Netwrix key features

  • Assess and Mitigate IT Security Risks
  • Understand Your Sensitive Data Footprint
  • Identify potential threat actors
  • Investigate anomalies in user behavior
  • Increase the productivity of IT security and operations teams with actionable, ready-to-use intelligence
  • Detect data security risks and anomalous user behavior before they result in a data breach

Complete visibility into the broadestvariety of IT systems

In contrast to legacy auditing solutions, Netwrix Auditor delivers visibility and control across all of your on-premises and cloud-based IT systems in a unified way. This IT audit platform provides a single-pane-of-glass view across the entire IT infrastructure that enables IT teams to quickly detect suspicious behavior and investigate it thoroughly.

Have a global view of your informatic activity environment

You can have a large view of what’s happened in your hybride informatic infrastructure with the dashbord « Entreprise Overview ». Follow the employees activity, like the intensity, who is the most active and which systems are the most concern. Understand the foofprint of your data. Discover and classified sensitive data in your files shared.  Mitigate data violation risks to verifing that files aren’t too exposed. Files have to be found only on secure places with access control.

Respond immediately to threats

Use alerts to be notified about unauthorized activity as it happens so you can prevent security breaches. For example, you can choose to be notified whenever someone is added to the Enterprise Admins group or a user modifies many files in a short period of time, which could indicate a ransomware attack.

Analyze user behavior anomalies

As soon as you detect an attempt to access the data, use our interactive, Google-like search to find out why and how it happened, thus preventing similar incidents in the future. Answer listeners’ questions faster. Provide prompt answers to listeners’ questions, such as: who accessed a sensitive file, or how access rights to that file have changed over the past year and who made those changes. With Netwrix Auditor, what used to take weeks is now done in minutes.

Pass compliance checks with less effort and expense

Auditors require evidence that specific processes and controls are – and have always been – in place. Netwrix Auditor provides tangible evidence that your IT organization’s security program complies with PCI DSS, HIPAA, RGPD and other standards.

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