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Lepide Data Classification

Identifiez où se trouvent vos données sensibles

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Discover and classify all your data with Lepide

Gain complete visibility into the different types, risks and classes of data in your systems. Lepide's discovery and classification solution helps you identify and organise your data, know if it is overexposed and who has access to it.

Key features


Scan data to better categorize it and protect data subject to strict regulations.


Identify, cleanse and organize all the data in your systems to keep the data essential to your business.


Assign access to data to the relevant people. Remove access to confidential data that only those involved should have access to.


Identify, cleanse and organize all the data in your systems to keep the data critical to your business. Get alerts and reports on user behaviour


Once your most sensitive data has been identified and classified, you can use Lepide to detect threats to it and automate the response by implementing one of our recommended scenarios.

Data classification with Lepide

Discovery and classification with Lepide Data Classification allows you to first scan and organise your data of all types, even scanned data. It can then be categorized to assign a risk hierarchy. Lepide will help you better identify the owners of sensitive files. You will be able to more easily assign permissions strategy to the most important data, facilitate your compliance and succeed in your audits.

Facilitating the allocation of permissions

Classification allows you to work on permissions so that users only have access to the data they need. Unauthorized permission changes, abnormal user behaviour, multiple failed access attempts and other signs of data breaches can be flagged and alerted to in real time. You can quickly identify the severity of a breach by determining which data types are affected with Lepide Data Classification.

Be alerted to suspicious behaviour

Alert and report abnormal or suspicious user behaviour and changes to your most critical data. Visibility into your most sensitive data allows you to determine when your users are putting you at risk. Receive alerts and reports on their behaviour in relation to your most sensitive and regulated data. Get detailed, actionable information with real-world context about where your sensitive data is, who has access to it and what your users are doing with it.


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