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Netwrix Data Discovery and Classification

Determine the importance of your strategic data

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Netwrix classifies your data

The Netwrix Data Discovery and Classification solution mitigates your risk of data breach, increases internal productivity, and enables successful compliance audits.

Key features


Term processing, semantic analysis and statistical analysis to obtain more relevant results.


Streamline data management tasks, such as retention, archiving or migration of certain types of data.


Identification of data and creation of custom rules.


Find the specific and important data of your company.

Classify your data accurately

Identify the shares with the highest concentrations of sensitive data and detect any PII, PCI, PHI or IP that emerges from a secure location, so you can respond appropriately. Order your data with Netwrix Data Classification logically, so you can find it more easily and enjoy more efficient information sharing. Analyse data to cleanse redundant or obsolete information from your systems to reduce the expense of “unnecessary” data storage.

Secure data

Protect sensitive files and personally identifiable information both on-site and in the cloud. Create and modify taxonomies more easily with Netwrix Data Classification. Minimize data exposure by automatically moving data to quarantine when it is critical, exposed in unsecured locations, or accessible to all users to redact sensitive content from documents.

Information privacy and compliance

Meet privacy and compliance requirements by identifying data subject to various regulations (RGPD, HIPAA, LSF, etc.) in your IT environment. Easily discover the data that RGPD and other compliance regulations require you to protect and establish a solid foundation for complying with future data security requirements. With Netwrix Data Classification’s automatic data discovery feature, apply internal policies to data and respond to data subject access requests (DSARs). Demonstrate to auditors that you know exactly where protected data resides and quickly present evidence that only authorized employees can read, modify, share or delete your critical files.

Detecting threats with Netwrix

Analyse how much data a hacker had access to, and what elements of the data were actually viewed, modified or deleted, allowing you to warn all concerned. Understand the full context of activity with protected information and ensure that user actions that threaten that data, such as incorrect permission changes, are recorded and reported.


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