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Protects against loss of sensitive data, malware and ransomware

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Clearswift, the solution that guarantees that your confidential data !

Clearswift and its various modules guarantee the preservation of the confidentiality of sensitive data (patents, industrial know-how, personal data, etc.) that must be monitored. The solution enables continuous analysis of incoming and outgoing data flows via e-mail, extranet, Internet, etc.

Clearswift et ses fonctionnalités

Structural sanatization

Removes active content (typically used to launch targeted attacks to steal data).
Users can still access underlying data.
Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, PDF, RTF and HTML.

Data redaction

Remove sensitive information (e.g.intellectual property,
PCI,PII, etc.) and replace with asterisks.
Automatically apply consistent redaction policy, even when users forget.
Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, PDF, RTF, TXT and HTML.

Document sanatization

Remove meta-data, version and document history (e.g.personal details, network details, SharePoint information, etc).
Users can share documents without exposing critical information.
Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, PDF,JPG images and other formats.


Secure data in transit (e.g.payroll information, client data, etc.).
Automatically applied, even when users forget.
TLS,S/MIME, PGPand Portal.

Clearswift Key features

  • A single solution for complete coverage (email, Internet, termination points, ICAP).
  • The Clearswift Critical Information Protection Agent (CIP) ensures the prevention of data leakage regardless of whether employees are logged on or offline.
  • Preventive actions on upstream threats (Ransomware, malware).
  • Prevents data leakage; Before (active content) and During (write), by removing / replacing active content (threats) and sensitive data (active).
  • Clearswift is a multi-platform solution that is quick to implement and simple to operate through its intuitive graphical interface.

Clearswift Adaptive Data Loss Prevention (A-DLP) is the data and people-centric solution to critical information protection

Unlike others, A-DLP is a non-disruptive solution which supports continuous collaboration, avoids business interruption and mitigates the risk of financial or reputational damage caused by the unauthorized disclosure of sensitive data wherever it lives – at the endpoint, on premise or in the cloud.

The scanning engine looks for possible malicious code (Malware, Excel macro, .exe, etc.) in email attachments or zip archives and neutralizes it to allow recipients to access the information securely. Outgoing e-mails are subject to a permanent analysis of their content. All attached documents (PDF, Word, Excel, Open Office, JPG, mp3 etc.) are also analyzed. If Clearswift detects data deemed sensitive (credit card number, account number, personal data, etc.), it will be automatically masked by wildcards. Sensitive data that must be communicated can be encrypted for transfer. Data access points via computers (USB ports), smartphone, tablet etc. will also be monitored and encrypted if copied. Only staff with encryption keys will be able to read their data once copied.

Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway

With email still the primary business collaboration tool, organizations need to ensure that the content and information they send and receive is both appropriate and permitted to enter or leave the organization.

The Clearswift SECUREEmail Gateway (SEG) helps to secure against critical information data loss; protecting the intellectual property and brand reputation of your organization and ensuring compliance with current regulations and standards.

Inbound threat protection 

Featuring integrated, cloud-assisted Avira, Kaspersky and/or Sophos antivirus, with automatic updates every fifteen minutes to provide the latest protection. These technologies are supplemented with zero-hour anti-malware and active code detection to ensure that no malware comes in, or goes out, via email. Targeted ransomware and spyware attacks typically use email with commonly used Office and PDF files as a means to deliver a payload.

If these exploits manage to reach the desktop, they will be run with the user privileges of the recipient, which could provide access to sensitive data. So as an addition to standard anti malware features, the Structural Sanitization feature permits macro’s, scripts and Active/X to be removed from messages, PDF and Office file formats, significantly reducing the risk of targeted ransomware and spyware attacks being successful. Message Sanitization removes URLs, attachments

Adaptative Redaction (Anonymisation contextuelle)

Clearswift’s unique Adaptive Redaction features permit the content of messages and attachments to be modified dynamically based on policy. The Data Redaction feature allows information to flow when before it would have been blocked. Customers can create policies to change specific words and phrases in messages and documents with “*” characters to make the content safe. This can apply to Credit Card numbers, Social Security details, Project codes, individual names or any custom value.


Clearswift SECURE ICAP Gateway

Deep content inspection

The Clearswift deep content inspection engine enables organizations to completely disassemble the communication flow to fully understand and protect the critical information being exchanged. This can be applied in web 2.0 applications and be set to adapt to the needs of individual users, roles and departments in the organization.

Context-aware scanning can detect and prevent users from uploading restricted information, while granular policies mean that (un)authorized users, can have a different policy applied, following inspection of the content they intended to share.

Many organizations are unaware of possible unauthorized exchange of critical information, so Clearswift allows these flexible policies to be applied in monitoring mode, to help identify and size the problem, whilst also fine tune policies before enforcement.

Interface ICAP

Why change your infrastructure when you can complement it to completely satisfy your information security needs?By providing an ICAP interface, the full power of Clearswift’s technology can be integrated with supported ICAPgateways. Thus, you can focus on protecting critical information through content inspection with the Clearswift SECUREICAPGateway and leave other network related tasks to your existing platform.

Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway

The internet is now considered an extension of an enterprise’s own infrastructure. With the ever-growing adoption of cloud-based services such as Salesforce.com and Office 365, alongside employee use of the internet whilst at work, organizations need to ensure that the content and information that exists and is viewed online is both appropriate and permitted. Protecting themselves from any critical information data breaches resulting in serious financial penalties or loss of business reputation is paramount. The Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway(SWG) offers a proactive, policy-controlled web gateway solution transforming the web from a high-risk environment to a secure resource, tailored exactly to your organization’s needs.

Advanced URL filtering

The Clearswift URL database contains 84 categories and is updated daily. It covers millions of sites, and represents billions of web pages.Also operates an additional database covering malicious malware and phishing categories, which is updated hourly.

Real-time categorization

This functionality detects new inappropriate sites, remote proxies, pornography and hacking, that can appear or occur on a daily basis. SWG’s real-time categorization engine is trained to recognize the characteristics of these sites and prevent access.

Browse time and quota policy

Sophisticated policies enable both definition of ‘time of day’ and ‘total amount of time per day’ any user can browse selected categories of a given site.

Flexible deployment options

You decide how you want to buy and deploy the Clearswift SECURE Web Gateway. It’s supplied either as a pre-installed hardware appliance, as a software image that can be loaded on a choice of hardware platforms and public Clouds such as AWS and Azure or alternatively virtualized in a VMware environment.3

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