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ESBD / La bonne étoile de vos données, sécurité informatique – EN

ESBD Top Growth partner 2020 : Secure, added value file transfer

New interview between Jacques BESNARD, CEO at ESBD and Paolo Cappello, Managing Director at HelpSystems, about the MFT market.

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Secure your data in Production, Tests and Training environments

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Compliance with GDPR – Secure your sensitive data

Data encryption is a simple principle that hides information from the user who is not authorized to see it. This work is done directly within the database.

Anonymization is dedicated to test, training and/or development environments. The principle is simple, the original values are replaced by random values. The benefit of anonymization is that the data remains consistent so that it can be interpreted by users.

Powertech Encryption

Encryption and Key Management Software for IBM i

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