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Managed File Transfer

Automate, secure your file transfers and deploy a collaborative file-sharing solution

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File transfers and related business processes will be streamlined with GoAnywhere MFT without the need for programming or special skills

ESBD deliver you a high level of expertise in the implementation of a professional solution for secure file transfers - Data transfer - and - File Sharing and Synchronization.

The General Regulations for the Protection of Data - GDPR - and the growing need to secure sensitive or even strategic data imply the implementation of tools to both automate tasks, ensure the traceability of operations and thus secure access to the company's files.

GoAnywhere is a modular solution that allows deployment only of modules needed to cover the need. This approach makes the solution accessible financially to all company size.

GoAnywhere MFT – Managed File Transfer

Secure, Affordable & Scalable

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GoAnywhere MFT - File Sharing and Collaboration

Easily share files with colleagues, customers, and business partners

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GoAnywhere MFTaaS by HelpSytems

Your MFT solution managed by HelpSystems into the Cloud

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Cegid Relations Bancaires – Saas banking transfer EBICS

Bank management and communication solution for your transfers and direct debits

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