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GoAnywhere MFTaaS by HelpSytems

Your MFT solution managed by HelpSystems into the Cloud

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GoAnywhere MFTaaS the cloud managed file transfer solution that streamlines the exchange of data.

GoAnywhere MFTaaS, the solution for a smart and easier management of your infrastructure and admin tasks by HelpSystems.

Key features

  • Multiplatform, evolutive and flexible
  • Data storage in Europe
  • Annual subscription
  • Additionnal database memory
  • 3 options of infrastructure

Reduce costs and improve the quality of your file transfers

MFT as a Service gives you all the power of GoAnywhere MFT with increased flexibility and resources.

Get your file transfers up and running at the touch of a button, without waiting to install software on your server or cloud platform.

Like GoAnywhere MFT, MFTaaS gives you the flexibility to work from any approved device with an internet connection.

Reduce the time and cost spent maintaining an on-premise system.

Assist in supporting compliance requirements such as PCI DSS, the GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, and other mandated regulations. Please speak to a sales representative about how GoAnywhere can help you meet your particular compliance needs.

Increase your scalability with a software option that evolves with you – without making changes to your hardware setup.


Infrastructure options

Unlike many unpredictable SaaS options models, GoAnywhere MFTaaS’s subscription options won’t change based on your usage. You choose the one that best fits your file storage requirements, bandwidth requirements, and GoAnywhere configuration – and you only pay more if you exceed monthly storage and bandwidth limits.

We keep things simple so you get the product capabilities you need at the price point you expect.

GoAnywhere MFTaaS Gateway

Included with GoAnywhere MFTaaS is an enhanced reverse and forward proxy, giving your organization an additional layer of network security when exchanging data with trading partners. Keep your file sharing services inside your network and avoid storing sensitive data in your DMZ.

Alongside network security for all pricing tiers, GoAnywhere Gateway acts as a load balancer in pricing tiers 2 and 3 to distribute connections to servers equally. GoAnywhere Gateway also provides an SSL termination feature which benefits organizations by both eliminating the need to deploy additional devices or expose servers to the Internet for certificate renewal, and unburdening MFT servers from the task of encrypting/decrypting connections to free up CPU time.

GoAnywhere Agents for MFTaaS

Agents are the ideal solution for synchronizing files from corporate, branch office and trading partner locations to GoAnywhere MFTaaS. Agents can be deployed on nearly any platform including Windows, Linux, UNIX, IBM i, and Mac OS systems to monitor folders and transfer files on an automated basis. GoAnywhere MFTaaS allows you to centrally manage, configure and schedule agent file transfers and business processes from an intuitive, browser-based interface.

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