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GoAnywhere MFT can connect to PeSIT servers

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PeSIT Client

GoAnywhere MFT will help guarantee delivery of PeSIT transfers with options to auto-retry connections, auto-resume interrupted file transfers and perform integrity checks of successful file transfers.


  • SSL Certificate Server Authentication
  • Transfer multiple filesper connection
  • Retry connections and auto-resume file transfers with userdefined settings
  • Override file names and other properties at execution time using variables
  • Configurable port ranges
  • Alerts for transfer failures via email, text messages and system messages

PeSIT Logs

Audit trails (logs) are generated for all PeSIT transmissions in GoAnywhere MFT to meet auditing and compliance requirements. The level of log detail can be controlled by anadministrator on a per-Project basis. This detail can be configured to include all PeSIT commands issued, PeSIT messages and file names transferred. Log messages can additionally be sent to a Syslog server using UDP or TCP connections.


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