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Strengthen your security and improve your compliance

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Cyberwatch is an on-premise solution that provides continuous monitoring of vulnerabilities in machines, systems and applications and ensures compliance of IT systems with your enterprise policy.

Cyberwatch key features


Solution with a pleasant and easy-to-use ergonomics.


Create customisable visualisations for clear and accurate reporting.

Updated Encyclopedia

The vulnerability knowledge base is updated every hour and comes from reliable sources such as ANSSI, the National Vulnerability Database, etc.

"Made In France"

Cyberwatch est une entreprise française référencée à l’UGAP, au CAIH et à l’ANSSI.

Security and privacy

You are the owner of your data. It is not shared or held by Cyberwatch in any way.


Cyberwatch is easy to install and allows flexible deployment (with or without agents).

Manage your vulnerabilities and compliance

Cyberwatch is a platform for continuous monitoring of your vulnerabilities and compliance, with or without an agent. The platform can be deployed in the environment of your choice: cloud, hybrid cloud or on-premises.

Cyberwatch provides effective scans of your assets (machines, I.S. and applications) for maximum visibility of your security status. These scans are performed within your information system, and remain there. Your results are not shared in any way.

Cyberwatch consists of two modules: Vulnerability Manager and Compliance Manager.The Compliance Manager module is installed as standard with Vulnerability Manager, but is only activated when purchased.

Both modules are installed on a Linux server, are easy to use and accessible via a web portal. Vulnerability Manager and Compliance Manager will give you a detailed, cross-platform view of your vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Detection and Management

Cyberwatch provides a comprehensive and continuous view of your vulnerabilities, including detection, identification and remediation.

Prioritise remediation actions based on threats, CVSS scores and your own criticality criteria in line with your risk management plan.

The CVEs (public vulnerabilities) detected by the solution are organised by different scoring levels (high to low) highlighting the vulnerabilities to be addressed first. The criticality can be configured to give a score to the vulnerabilities specific to your policy and your level of prioritization.The application of corrections is simplified by grouping the vulnerabilities to be corrected within a single corrective action.

Cyberwatch’s knowledge base of vulnerabilities and flaws is complete thanks to its own threat encyclopedia, but also thanks to hourly updates of data from reliable sources such as ANSSI, NVD, RENATER, Microsoft, etc.

The solution presents dashboards with performance indicators to provide a global view of the vulnerabilities of your IT infrastructure.End-to-end risk management for better security of your company.

Cyberwatch, with or without agent

When Cyberwatch scans individual assets, the solution compares the version of the assets with the knowledge base, which is compatible with over 75,000 products. There are different scanning modes:

  • Without agent: works with an authentication system. It is the master server that sends the information to the target.
  • With agent: this is the opposite operation, there is no need for authentication.
  • Disconnected mode: without agent, this mode works with scan scripts that are retrieved from the master server and sent to the target.
  • Port / website scanning: the website scanning is done without authentication on the site.

Compliance monitoring

Detect the compliance failures of your most important assets to prioritise the most serious breaches.

Cyberwatch will make it easier for you to take action and correct the flaws that are critical to the proper control of regulations and your ISP (Information Systems Security Policies).

Cyberwatch’s Compliance Rules Encyclopedia allows you to customize your own repository with your internal policies. This is a major asset for decision making and the implementation of best practices.

The different indicators of the solution will give you an overview of the compliance of your information systems.


ESBD is an official partner of Cyberwatch.

Our IT teams are certified in order to assure you a complete expertise of the solution.

Functional coverage of Cyberwatch

  • 1. Mapping
  • 2. Detection
  • 3. Identify
  • 4. Prioritise
  • 5. Decide
  • 6. Correct


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