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Netwrix SbPAM

SbPAM secures administrator access management

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A visibility Platform for user behavior analysis and risk mitigation

The SbPAM solution reduces the risks associated with dormant administrator accounts. SbPAM automatically creates temporary administrator accounts with just enough privileges to perform the required tasks. These accounts are then deleted to avoid abuse of permanent accounts or the risk of hacking.

SbPAM key features


Each session is logged in detail for auditing purposes. Details include the time the session was requested, started, ended and the time spent on it.


Give administrators the access they need with a time limit that is limited to the duration of their task. With these temporary accounts you will reduce your potential attack surface and the related risks.

Access control

With SbPAM, an administrator account only exists when it is needed. As soon as you no longer need it, it is deleted. There are no permanent privileges to manage.


Collect evidence during investigations by recording sessions via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Secure Shell (SSH).

Protect your administrator accounts

Data breaches due to the misuse of privileged accounts are real. Because privileged account rights are so important, even the slightest mistake or misuse can be fatal. Even if you keep privileged account credentials in a safe, the accounts still exist and can be compromised by hackers. With SbPAM (Privileged Activity Manager), you reduce the security risks associated with privileged access by removing permanent privileged accounts. Creating on-demand accounts allows you to better secure and control your access. You can increase an existing account’s access privileges to allow a task to run, and then automatically revoke those privileges once the session is complete.You’ll know exactly who has access to critical systems so you can manage accounts and keep high access to a minimum. This allows you to maintain a state of least privilege access to limit identity security risks.

Compliance auditing

Meet compliance requirements and pass audits more easily with detailed session records. They allow you to replay your actions in the event of audits or investigations. You will be able to answer auditors’ questions about the activity, actions and decisions that were taken.You will be able to attest that you have removed all unnecessary privileged identities, and reliably secure those that should exist.

Increase your security and improve your performance

SbPAM reduces risks such as exposure of sensitive data due to parameter changes. With SbPAM, you can see exactly what privileged activity is taking place on your systems through live session monitoring.

Control unapproved remote access by automatically disabling Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) on the server after an administrative task is completed. Facilitate team collaboration by allowing teams to launch privileged sessions directly from the tool of their choice, such as Remote Desktop Connection Manager. SbPAM provides centralized management of privileged accounts, saving time and providing clarity. A multi-level process can be set up for submitting, approving or denying requests. The process ensures that only authorised personnel are granted secure access to critical resources and that no unauthorised elevation of privileges occurs.

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