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Automate Schedule

Automate Schedule, the multiplatform scheduler by HelpSystems

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Automate Schedule allows you to automate and schedule your workflows on your Windows, Linux, Unix, and IBM i systems

From a single central console, your IT teams - in charge of operations - are freed from low added value tasks to focus on more strategic projects for the company.
The solution integrates with all your other key business applications to give you visibility into the bigger picture. This makes it easier to leverage data within the organization and centralize your task schedules.
With Automate Schedule, be more efficient in achieving your automation goals of operating tasks. Simplify your life, radically and professionally transform the way you work.


Dynamic Enterprise Job Scheduling

Build dynamic, event-driven job schedules across servers and take dependencies into account - supporting your business goals with better workflows.

High Availability for Maintaining SLAs

Automate Schedule offers high availability for a master server and a standby server so if an outage were to occur, important tasks would continue as usual.

Role-Based Security and Audit History Reporting

Role-based security options and audit history reporting help you and auditors know exactly who changed your job schedule and when it was changed.

Automatic Notifications

Customized notification lists within the job scheduler alert you and a designated team of any deviations in your schedule via email or text message.

Centralized Monitoring

See operations across your entire enterprise from a central console. With Automate Schedule’s web-based user interface, you can access your enterprise schedule from your browser.

Business Application Integrations

The Automate Schedule Universal Connector makes intégrations between your business applications not only possible, but easy.

Keys features

  • Productivity
  • Availability
  • Reliability
  • Performance

Deployment in just a few hours

Automate Schedule is easy to install, configure, and use. No need for a big implementation team. The intuitive GUI can be accessed from any web browser, so you can plan and monitor your entire operation from virtually anywhere.

Gain flexibility and control

Control how you automate your IT and business processes. The Automate Schedule Web Services API improves your efficiency by optimizing processing times, integrating existing software modules, and reducing costs through consolidation. A “command line” interface also allows you to run Web Services as commands in an automatic scheduling job.


Satisfy your Auditors

The audit history of Automate Schedule is a major asset to comply with current regulatory requirements, such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), PCI DSS and HIPAA. It lets you know who created a new job, changed an existing configuration or order, and forced a job to run out of time. Schedule Automation allows you to create historical task execution reports, agent and event management, as well as forecasting and tracking, in short everything you or an auditor would like or need to know.

Streamline your schedule

Many processes are based on file arrival information or job start and end. Agent monitors let you monitor these events and respond automatically. Your tasks are executed when they are supposed to be, even when the triggering event is on another server. Forecast planning is essential for the execution of your operations. Simply choose the period and automate the schedule to schedule the start time, the time of execution and the prerequisite tasks. Use your forecast to move the workload, optimize system usage, and determine if you need updates. Job Suites make it easy to group multiple tasks and manage them as processes with full control to create dependencies based on external events, jobs, or other suites. Users can define alternate paths through a sequence of jobs based on the end state of a member job. Automate planning allows users to choose the members of the suite who must absolutely finish and those who can fail without affecting the overall execution of the suite.

Secure your environment

Automate Schedule security is based on the concept of roles, ensuring that your users can access only what they need to perform their tasks. You can secure product features by department, division, location, customer and more. Integration with Active Directory (AD) / LDAP makes it easy to manage users for administrators because they can map existing LDAP groups to roles defined in Automate Schedule.

A universal connector

Enterprise Application Integration – EAI – traditionally involves individual interfaces between two applications. The Universal Schedule Server Connector streamlines and simplifies the EAI by using a Web Service to connect to third-party applications. Application-specific “templates” with unique actions allow flexibility in automating any workload, On-premise or in the Cloud, and can be generated by the user. The most common applications to automate are CRM software – Customer Relationship Management -, ETL – Extraction, Transformation and Loading – ERP – Integrated Management Program – and Human Resources Management – HR -. Instead of creating islands of automation and forcing operators to maintain a different schedule in each application, the Automate Schedule Universal Connector allows users to create a uniform automation strategy using a single tool.

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