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Achieve digital transformation through enterprise automation

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Automate every process across your enterprise, from routine manual tasks to high-stakes processes

OpCon automation enables repeatable, reliable workflows from a single point of control, delivering a complete digital automation platform. Costs, risks, and calls to IT are reduced. Efficiency, agility and confidence increase. Transform your business one process at a time with OpCon.

Key features

  • Manage workflows
  • Remove IT complexity
  • Integrate globally
  • Enhance security and governance
  • Fully automate disaster recovery
  • Capture and embed knowledge directly into smart tasks
  • Scale the business
  • Simplify auditing and reporting

Boost efficiency and reduce costs across the company

OpCon automation delivers tremendous business value to every aspect of your enterprise. It provides critical process automation capabilities while being remarkably easy for anyone to learn and use. You’re able to streamline everything, from IT process automation to business services.

Stream­line IT — empow­er business

OpCon delivers on the promise of true enterprise automation like no other platform. It coalesces business and technical workflows across operations, infrastructure, cloud and virtual environments. Processes run faster, business adapts in real time, every person works smarter.

Built for business agility

OpCon automation delivers digital automation in the purest sense, enabling complete cross-functional, bi-modal orchestration. OpCon is architected for true IT modernization, out of the box integration, SLA management, and unlimited scalability. You gain single-point, enterprise-wide control across platforms, operating systems and applications.

Reduce calls to IT by 80% or more with OpCon Self Service

Automate repeatable front-office processes and keep IT focused on big-picture, revenue-generating business initiatives. OpCon Self Service allows anyone in the business to trigger automation with a simple click on any device through an intuitive, responsive browser interface. Onboarding, password resets, reporting, file management and dozens of other tasks can be handled efficiently without a single call to IT.

Respond to business events in real time

Operate your business based on what’s happening right this second. OpCon automation links individuals, teams, processes and devices into streamlined workflows triggered by dependencies instead of time cues. Events can initiate from emails, user actions, IoT sensors, wearables or system messages, and notifications and escalations are centrally managed. Your business instantly becomes more efficient and nimble.


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