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IT and business automation software dedicated to the Microsoft Windows platform

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Automate is including in softwares category RPA - Robotic Process Automation -

Automate transforms the way businesses operate. RPA software robots manipulate and communicate with business systems and applications to streamline processes and reduce the burden on human employees. Robotic process automation software stands out from previous types of automation solutions due to its flexibility and its ability to efficiently integrate workflows across the entire enterprise.
Eighty percent of technology projects cost more than they return. But with Automate, tasks and processes can be set up in hours, not months, taking you from inception to production quickly.

With Automate, no matter how complex the task is, it will be easy to automate it. IT managers need to provide tools for both users IT and business, Automate - a multi-award winning business process automation tool - offers the ability to be used by both technical and business profiles. Setting the automation of tasks without programming by simply dragging and dropping is the perfect illustration of this ability of the tool to be taken in hand by users without technical expertise in computer science.

Features Automate

Easy to install

Automation is operational in minutes, not days

Intuitive interface, no code to write

IT and business users can automate their tasks with a simple drag and drop

Event Activations

Start an event-based workflow such as a file arrival or an update to a database

Make your system more reliable

Eliminate human errors from your processes and receive instant alerts if something goes wrong

Keys features Automate

  • Efficiency
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Versatility

With more than 620 prebuilt automation building blocks to choose from, the possibilities of automating your business processes are limitless. From application and cloud integration to database management and performance monitoring, there is a vast range of tasks you can streamline with Automate.

Microsoft Automation:

Automate has a number of native integrations with Microsoft applications such as Excel, SharePoint, ActiveDirectory, and more, enabling businesses to integrate with disparate applications across their network. Unleash the power of these integrations with a comprehensive automation platform. Automate provides the capability to automate a variety of business and IT processes on a single platform.

• Automate all of your manual SharePoint processes

• Query a database and write the data to an Excel report or run/manage your existing macros

• Achieve full integration with Microsoft Exchange mail activities and error reporting

Report Generation and Distribution:

With Automate, you can do so much more with worksheets to manipulate data and automate reporting across your organization. With Automate you can:

• Pull data from numerous sources including Excel, Crystal Reports, SQL, an ERP system, web services, or others.

• Merge, process, and format the data to build an intelligent report.

• Email the report to organizational stakeholders.

Web Browser Task:

Automation Automate can streamline website interaction with automated navigation, input, extraction, and more. When you build your processes, three types of actions are available:

• Browser actions. Includes opening and closing the browser, navigating through pages, and extracting page data.

• Interactivity actions. Important for automating elements that are not HTML-based, like “Save As” dialogue or an Adobe Flash element.

• Input actions. Includes keystrokes, mouse movements, clicks, and copy/paste.

User Provisioning:

Keep your HR department from drowning in paperwork by streamlining tedious on and offboarding tasks and automating user provisioning. Automate’s user provisioning can be used with:

• Microsoft Exchange and Active Directory.

• Automating Active Directory tasks, including user provisioning and management, change requests, and user migration and removal

Cloud Automation:

Automating your mixed environment doesn’t have to be complex. Automate solutions can be deployed on premise or in the cloud, and can connect to and centralize your systems and applications.

• Streamline and automate your entire environment, no matter where you are in  your cloud migration process

• Integrates with cloud technologies such as: Amazon Web Services (AWS), VMWare, JIT, Windows Azure, Jenkins

• Integrates with any web service-based application and hosted business applications

Terminal Emulation:

Automation Automate goes beyond simple screen scraping, and can extract data files, databases, spreadsheets, or applications and enter it into a terminal session. After you pull data from a terminal window, Automate can write it into a variety of useful formats, such as:

• CSV files

• OpenDocument spreadsheets

• SharePoint

Event Log Monitoring:

Automate takes system monitoring to the next level, allowing a corrective process to be automatically triggered when a problem is detected. For example, Automate can trigger the task when a system or process threshold (such as CPU utilization or memory usage) is met. If available memory is too low, a task can automatically restart the entire system or specific process. And Automate maintains an Event Log where you can see:

• Whether a task ran successfully or failed

• The date/time a task started and ended The machine name where the task ran

Automated Batch Processing:

Automate multi-machine, cross-platform batch processes in distributed networks. Automate enables sophisticated automation development without the need for writing and managing code to greatly reduce development costs and timelines, and to make ongoing maintenance and management of automated tasks easy. Automate’s visual taks design system allows IT professionals to build tasks via drag-and-drop without writing scripts, batch files, or custom programs.

• Automate multiple batch processes with one solution

• Write batch files without code using our prebuilt automation building blocks

• Save time by allowing routine batch jobs to be kicked off, executed, and monitored by Automate

GUI Automation:

Automate provides the most complete set of tools for intelligent GUI automation and macros. Automate provides dozens of tools for manipulating windows, clicking links, and incorporating logic based on the status of windows.

• Create automation tasks with pre-programmed actions and graphical workflow designer

• Tasks can move from screen to screen to choose from buttons and drop-down menus

• Cleanse and transform files for processing quickly and easily

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